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What Is Acai?

The Acai Berry was discovered in the depths of the lush tropical jungles of the Amazon. Growing high up in the branches of the Acai palm tree (Eutepe oleracea), these palm trees are tall and slender growing 15 to 30

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  • Cathey C

    “I have been faithfully taking 2 tsp/day of both Phytoplankton SuperPlus 1000 and Tantiva, the Ultimate Acai Berry Blend with Resveratrol. They give me more energy, I lost weight (47 lbs) my co-workers and children were all complimenting me wanting to know my secret. The arthritis in my knees feel better–less inflammation. I really love […]

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  • Terrell O

    “I feel like it’s giving my whole body a whole nutritional foundation at least, whereby I can just get up out of bed in the morning. I was in the service and broke 35 bones 45 years ago, had tremendous arthritis, and nerve damage due to the accident. With Phytoplankton [SuperPlus 1000], I feel more […]

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  • Patricia

    “I have been using Phytoplankton SuperPlus 1000. It has been helping me with allergies to pollen. Pollen eats my skin up I’m not supposed to be out in the sunlight — about 6-12 scoops a day. Every time I have a breakout, I take this green stuff, and in a day or two the red […]

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  • Wanda S

    “I have had high blood pressure for years, tried all kinds of natural products, medications, diet and lifestyle changes with limited results. Phytoplankton SuperPlus 1000 with CoQ10 made my blood pressure as low as 100 over 70! I love my phyto!”

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  • Gary M

    “Last Thursday (5 days ago), since then my energy levels are through the roof, currently on 70 units insulin/day, I haven’t taken my insulin since last Thursday, however, I have been checking my blood sugars twice a day as directed by a doctor, my blood sugars have been between 100-150, in the past they have […]

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  • Terry

    “I was able to quit taking CoQ10 and Stress B, I feel good after taking your product and I feel like I have energy! I feel like your product is helping me more than those other 2 products I was able to eliminate. Please send more [Phytoplankton SuperPlus 1000]!”

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  • Joyce M

    “I do feel better taking [Phytoplankton SuperPlus 1000], diabetes is better, not in as much pain, peripheral neuropathy reduced, helped with constipation.”

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  • Carole S

    “I have been taking [Phytoplankton SuperPlus 1000] 3 years, lost 111 pounds, high blood pressure and cholesterol issues were completely resolved, I’m also taking Raspberry Ketone Lean and Garcinia Cambogia and Acai.”

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  • Rosalee W

    “Every time I take it [Phytoplankton SuperPlus 1000], I feel revived.”

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  • Dan S

    “The second day I took Tantiva [the Ultimate Acai Berry Blend with Resveratrol], my blood sugar levels dropped 10 points! Thank you so much for the case of goodness. I didn’t realize how much it was helping out until I ran out for a few days. It’s really helping my girlfriend too!”

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    ”I gave my mother Tantiva as an experiment for her gout. They say that black cherry’s are good for gout. Since our Tantiva is loaded with different types of berries I thought surely we should give this a try. She was in alot of pain, is on a fixed income, and has medicaid so she […]

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    “My husband’s Aunt, I sent her a jar of Phytoplankton, Garcinia Camboiga, and Green Bean coffee extract to California. My husband’s aunt was able to get off of all of her medications for High Blood Pressure, breast cancer, and High Cholesterol with just those one month supply’s of product and she lost weight. So she […]

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